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Household label

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Can sticker labels be applied directly on candles, wrappers, or containers? Because it is easier to print and attach the custom candle label, most candles are printed on the container wrapper. It can be difficult to print labels directly on candles because candle ingredients can get through the label and cause damage. We do not print labels directly onto candles. Soy candles, for example, cannot have labels applied directly onto them as soy candles have a lower melting point that traditional waxes and are therefore more likely to cause damage. What type of candle label printing do you want? Candle label buyers have the option to choose from many types of materials to personalize their labels. Clear paper, metallic paper and foil are some of the most popular options. Semi-gloss, semi-gloss, and metallic papers are also available. Full temperature adhesives are available if label adhesion is a problem while the candle burns. To prevent the candle from yellowing, a laminated finish is required for porous materials such as inkjet or matte labels. Sticker roll printing with self-adhesive adhesive is more cost-effective than individual stickers for products that have a short shelf life. This is the ideal solution for packaging, product labels and promotional accessories. Sticker rolls are made with strong adhesives and eco-friendly inks. They can be printed quickly in any design or shape you desire within one day. To ensure that your stickers have the right look and feel, you can choose from soft matte, natural uncoated or high gloss.
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