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Waterproof Food Label Sticker For Food Packaging
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Waterproof food label sticker for food packaging we provide, mainly for food packaging, PET/PE/jar bottles…

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Cosmetic PET/PE bottles, Jars, mask bag...
Product Advantages
Big printing size to satisfy various packaging requirement
All kinds of solution
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Detailed Information

Item: Waterproof Food Label Sticker For Food Packaging
Print Process Type: Flexo print: 10-12Colors 2sets(day-night ship)
Letter press: 6-10Colors 4sets(day-night ship)
Offset print: 6 Colors 1set(day-night ship)
Material: Adhesive Paper Adhesive paper:semigloss paper,high gloss paper,super high gloss paper,woodfree paper,yellow paper,bright silver/gold foil paper
Adhesive white Plastic material clear/white Vinyl,clear/white Polypropylene(PP),clear/white Polyethylene(PE),clear/white PET,adhesive pearliscent Film
Sepcial Function Adhesive material High tempreture Resistance material,Synthetic Paper,Tyre Label material,Security Label material,Reposition Label
Surface Finishing: Labels with Glossy/mat waterproof lamination/varnishing, Logo embossed and PMS Silk screen printing,Silver/Gold foil,PMS metalized Foil, rainbow finishing, softtouch, etc
Actwork format: Custom labels with Adobe IIIustrator/PDF/Coreldraw/high dpi JPG(over 300dpi)
Certificates: ISO9001:2015 System, with barcode printing qualification certificates, Disney Fama, environmental assessment, and obtained the environmental assurance and pollution permit
Shipping: 5~15days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, sea freight etc.
Delivery & Service: Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.
Order Process: Custom printing labels:
2.Proforma Invoice confirmation
3.Artwork Approval
4.Payment confirmation
5.Pictures for approval when printing
7.Getting after sale service from us.


Our Advantage
Manufacturer : 100% Label Printing Manufacturer.
Color print: Offset print / letterpress / flexo print, we have all kind of printing machines to choose, print the best solution for your designs, highlight the products.
Q1: How can you protect my own design?
A1: If you want us to keep confidentiality for your design ,it is no problem ,we sign the confidentiality contract , all of your samples labels would not be shown in any exhibitions , showroom, or to any other customers. and we grarantee and reponsible , if we break the rule ,we responsible for the penalty.
Q2: Are you labels printer or a trade company for custom labels?
A2: We are manufacturer, specialized in printing custom labels more than 14years in Foshan,Guangdong,China,our factory have 100% Quality control under ISO9001:2015 System direction,with barcode printing qualification certificates,Disney. In strict accordance with the requirements of the state environmental protection department, the company environmental assessment, and obtained the environmental assurance and pollution permit.
Q3: How long can I expect to get printed labels Samples?
A3: The labels samples will be ready for delivery in 3-5days .The samples will be sent via express for freight collected and arrive within 3days.
Q4: Can I get some samples for self-adhesive labels with different kind of Finishing ? Any charges ? May I have my own design sample made?
A4: Yes you can get our labels samples with different kind of Finishing, it is no charges for available labels sample . but for Custom samples, pls contact us for the charges.


If you have some problems about Waterproof Food Label Sticker For Food Packaging, or want to know more details about Cosmetic label,Supplement label,Food label,Beverage label,Household label,etc. Welcome to contact us!

Looking forward to your inquiry!


Waterproof Sticker Printing, Waterproof Sticker Packaging, Waterproof Food Label Sticker For Food Packaging

Buying custom-made Waterproof Sticker Printing in bulk will help you save expenses. The affordable waterproof stickers are labeling your food packaging and protecting it from water.

This Chinese custom-made Waterproof Sticker Printing is also used to label manufacturing dates, expiry dates, barcodes, batch codes, and many other essentials. It is also used for presenting the ingredients used in the products.

Buy now the Waterproof Sticker Printing!

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