What are the uses and classifications of self-adhesive labels
What are the uses and classifications of self-adhesive labels

The uses of self-adhesive label stickers are as follows


  1. Packaging industry: mark labels, postal parcels, letter packaging, shipping goods labels, envelope address labels.


  1. Commodity industry: price labels, product description labels, shelf labels, bar code labels, drug labels.


  1. Chemical industry: labeling of paint materials, packaging labeling of gasoline engine oil products, and labeling of various special solvent products.


  1. Electronic and electrical labels for the electronic and electrical industry: There are many durable self-adhesive labels affixed to various electrical appliances. These labels have a large unit area and a large number.


  1. Logistics labels in the logistics industry: In recent years, the logistics industry is emerging in our country. Modern logistics has an increasing demand for variable-information printing labels, such as storage and transportation labels, luggage labels, and supermarket labels.


  1. Pharmaceutical labels used in the pharmaceutical industry: Self-adhesive labels have been increasingly used in pharmaceutical packaging. With the over-the-counter sales of over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to pharmaceutical packaging.


  1. Other industries: anti-counterfeiting labels, encryption labels, anti-theft labels.


The classification of self-adhesive labels is as follows


  1. Paper-type self-adhesive labels. Mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used in medium and high-end daily chemical products.


  1. Film type self-adhesive labels. Commonly used PE, PP, PVC and some other synthetic materials, film materials are mainly white, matte, and transparent.

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