What should pay attention to when using printed labels during the rainy season?
What should pay attention to when using printed labels during the rainy season?

The sticker is a multilayer compound structure material made of the bottom paper, glue, and surface material. For its own characters, many factors will affect the process or use effect during the process.

With the rainy season coming, the air moisture grows constantly. Therefore, printed labels will appear many various problems during the use. Then, let me share some notices about using stickers during the rainy season as follows.

Sticker pasting the wine bottle appears wrinkle.

I have ever met this case that a customer using stickers to paste on wine bottles. It is ok when the sticker is pasted, but after 24 hours, the wine labels appear wrinkle. As time goes by, the wrinkle is more and more serious. The customer applies the sticker label with copper paper material and utilizes the craft of gold blocking and oil polish, besides printing, during the process. The customer feels peculiar, for it is not the first time he uses this sticker label, and the circumstance never happens before.

Then, the factors are found out through a series of analyses. As it was the rainy season, the humidity of the customer's workshop is big. However, sticker labels were sealed by plastic bags before use. Therefore, there was a big gap between the moisture content of the labels and the workshop. Sticker labels swiftly expanded after pasted, which causes the wrinkle.

We have several methods to solve the problem as follows:

  1. Open the package of stickers before pasting them and put them into the workshop for a period of time (48 hours is recommended) to make a moisture balance between labels and the environment. In this way, sticker labels can not appear wrinkle for excessive expansion after pasting them.
  2. Change the sticker labels' process crafts. Using tectorial membrane craft to replace the oil polish can effectively prevent the labels from absorbing the outer moisture to decrease the chance of generating wrinkles.
  3. During the sticker printing, we can adopt the secondary wet method to increase the moisture of labels. For example, you can use the humidifier for the humidification of the bottom paper of labels during the label processing and die cutting to ensure the labels are not too dry, thus decreases the effect of the outer moisture on them.

Being curly during custom sticker printing and die-cutting

In the rainy season, the case that sticker appears crimp during the material printing and die-cutting thus affect printing processing is pretty common. In particular, this problem is easy to appear in the use process of thin-film sticker material. Because the film-type sticker surface material is almost not affected by the moisture of the outer environment, but the bottom paper tends to be greatly influenced by the external moisture. I have ever seen this case that some customers gave us feedback that a thin film type sticker material can not get normally used because of serious crimp during printing.

After understanding, it was also the rainy season, so that the moisture of customer's factory was big. During processing, the bottom paper of the sticker material absorbed the moisture and swiftly expanded, which causes the material to be seriously curly towards the surface course. The customer uses the tension-free tray to receive the paper. Therefore, it is almost impossible to receive paper normally after the material is crimped.

When we meet the above condition, we can solve it through several methods as follows:

  1. Strengthen the humiture control in the factory. We all know the most suitable temperature for printing is 20-25℃, and the relative moisture is 50-60%. Accordingly, to manufacture good products, we should well control the humiture in our workshop, so that solving basically this problem.
  2. For enterprises that are not managed to control the humiture, people can adopt the local humidity adjustment to solve this problem. For example, people can install heating pipes or warming fans to decrease the local humidity to solve the problem.
  3. If the moisture in the workshop is large, before printing them, people can consider opening the package of the stickers and placing them into the workshop and make a balance of the moisture between the material and the workshop, which can improve the problem about the curly sticker material caused by the large moisture at a certain degree.


During the rainy season, printed labels appear the wrinkle or crimp. Don't be festinant, and it is must be caused by moisture and other factors.


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